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Tiny Layout 1:35200

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This "Z scale layout of a N scale layout" (1:35200) was designed and built by David K. Smith and measures about 0.2 inches across.

The rolling stock is crafted of flexible plastic tubing attached to the shaft of a low-RPM miniature geared motor. The whole train is simulated by cutting "teeth" into the edge of the tube that would poke up just above the surface of the layout. The passenger train is painted with a silver Sharpie to enhance its visibility.

The whole layout is made out of styrene: an oval hole in a piece of black .060-inch sheet styrene; minuscule bits of .030 styrene are shaped into a mountain and tunnel, which serve the functional necessity of suspending the center of the layout in the oval hole. The sky backdrop is made from .010 white styrene colored with a Sharpie.

The mountain is covered with a thin, lumpy layer of Squadron putty to make a forest (at 1:35,200, trees are nothing more than a rough texture) Buildings are made from nearly-microscopic bits of .010 x .020 strip styrene colored with Sharpies.

The mounting plate is made relatively large to provide a convenient means of attaching the mechanism to the layout under the building.

For the exact details of the construction and more valuable information please refer to the official website http://jamesriverbranch.net/detail_16.htm(external link) .

Many thanks to David K. Smith for allowing his work to be featured on this website.


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