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Tiny Layout 1:12000

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This tiny layout was designed and built by David K. Smith and measures about half an inch across. The train travels around the layout in either direction. It passes through a tunnel, through a bridge, past an illuminated passenger station, water tower, factory, and two houses. There are trees, telephone poles, cars, even a waterfall and a river.

The rolling stock is comprised of a locomotive, three boxcars and a caboose. To fabricate them, a slot was carved into the edge of strip styrene with the tip of a sharp knife to accept fingers made from strips of thin sheet acetate. After bonding all five fingers into the slot, the strip stock was cut into car lengths and colored with felt-tipped pens. Then the fingers were inserted through the track slot and bonded to the loop with CA (cyanoacrylate - Super Glue).

For the exact details of the construction and more valuable information please refer to the official website http://whiteriverandnorthern.net/clinic_08.htm(external link) .

Many thanks to David K. Smith for allowing his work to be featured on this website.


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