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A bit of History:

Until 2007, Z-scale was the smallest commercially available model train. In 2007 K.K.Eishindo from Japan has created a motor train even smaller, at 1:450 scale. The gauge (distance between tracks) is only 3mm hence the name of the new line: T-Gauge from Three-Gauge.

In 2009 K.K.Eishindo has licensed the product to Railway Shop(Hong-Kong) whi is now the Manufacturer & Worldwide Distributor of T-Gauge Products. As a result, Railway Shop is responsible for all sales & promotion activities about T-Gauge in the world. The website of K.K.Eishindo has not been updated for some time.

In Canada, the T-Gauge product line is available in our on-line shop(external link) :
T-Gauge eStore
T-gauge eStore

Cool Facts about T-Gauge:

Here are a few YouTube clips on the tests performed by Railway Shop Hong-Kong, that outline some cool facts about these trains:
The wheels are magnetic. This allows the engines to run on very steep slopes:
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... actually the trains run even upside down:
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Can run very slow if powered by a special controller:
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The track joiners have very little power loss. Here is a 42m long track course with power box located at mid way. Tracks used: 120R Curve Track X 12 and 60mm Straight Track X 700
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The locomotives are quite powerful; here 2 power trains pull & push 15 coaches
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...so powerful they can pull trains 4 times bigger; here is a power train pulling 3 N-Scale cars fitted with T-Gauge wheels:
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Has a special wheels cleaning device:
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The T-Gauge Products Line:

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Rolling stock, tracks, buildings and scenery... COOL!

Interesting T-Gauge Layouts:


Interesting T-Gauge Links:

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