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Erin Mills Model RR Association

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Image - 2501 Truscott Dr, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 2B3, Canada(external link)

The Erin Mills Model Railroad Association was formed in May 1980 as a club to encourage and promote model railroading. At present, the club has about forty members ranging from early teens to retirees. While our association does not have a permanent layout, we have two active groups based on portable modular layouts, one for HO scale and one for N scale. These layouts are assembled at train shows in order to form large temporary layouts on which our members operate their trains.

If you are interested, please come out to one of our meetings, get to meet other like minded modelers, and enjoy yourself. You will be able to meet with fellow railroad modelers, many of whom have home layouts, and may be working on their own individual projects ranging from small apartment layouts to large room filling railroad empires.

N scale Layout Pictures

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